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Plastic Bottle PE Film Shrink Packing Unit Plastic Bottle PE Film Shrink Packing Unit

Automatic PE Film Shrink Packing Machine is suitable for wrapping pop-cans, bottles, etc, both with bottom-tray and without bottom-tray, working with PE shrink tunnels. The machine adopts the Germany advanced technology and international famous brands, which makes capability stable and using long-time.Apply for the beer, drinking, mild, food.Automatic bottle Distribute and block,customized packing. High automatically suitable unit or lined.reduce operator cost. Control by PLC,operating through touch monitor pamel.Compacr layout and easy service or miantenance. Adjustable speed,customized bottle layout,fast and easy changing the mould.

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  • Product Description

Product Description


Plastic Bottle PE Film Shrink Packing Unit

Our shrink packing machine is made of bottle loading system, packing machine, thermo-shrinking machine, no-drive roll convey machine and electric control system, pneumatic control parts and so on.Produce process: MUL350 automatic linear packing machine is produced at the basis theory of the film shrinking after heated. The whole packing process is including photoelectric sensor testing, PLC treats the collected signal, convey belt delivering the bottles, the dividing board divide the bottles into lines and the push the bottles to be filmed, the thermo-sealing knife seal the film into bags, the cooling tunnel cool the bags. Shrink Wrap machine for Pet , Glass , HDPE bottle, Tin Group Shrink Packing machine, bundling packing machine.

Technical Parameter:
Facility overall size
Shrinkage film materialPE
Shrinkage film thickness0.03-0.15mm
Thermo shrinkage tunnel max temperature160-260°adjust at will
Max output per minute  30-40 bag
Facility power53KW
Pressure requirement380V/50-60HZ
Facility weight3000kg
Air pressure0.6-0.8mpa
Working noise≤65db
Import bottle convey belt width926mm


Product Description

* frequency converter speed adjust、two segment convey
* Bottle pushing, thermos sealing and cutting whole movement adopt to pneumatic
* Proximity switch control film
* Touch screen, PLC system greatly increase facility movement
* double-wind recycle fan machine, ensure shrinkage tunnel inside even
* super big wind-volume cooling system, ensure quickly get into shape.
* anti-high temperature Teflon convey belt, convey steadily, high-strengthanti-abrasion.
* frequency limitless speed adjust convey belt
* convey belt height can make according client requirement, adjustrange:±50mm
* bottle convey machine can meet with client bottle forward direction requirement, can lengthen or shorten.
* wing stainless steel heating system,
* meet with product instant stop requirement product-bearing rack device ensure production line consistency.

Details Images

600 1411_174233.jpg

Shrink Film Roll Unit(Upper Part)

Bottles Sorting Cylinders(AIRTAC)

600 019010_161039.jpg

Siemens Touch Screen Control Panel

Shrink Film Roll Unit(Below Part)

600 片9.jpg
Recommended package type:

(1)350/500ML bottles package: 4×6, 4×5; 550/600ML bottles package: 3×4, 3×5.

(2)1L/1.5L bottles package: 3×3, 3×4; 2L/2.5L bottles package: 2×2, 2×3.
(3)Regarding tin cans, we suggest adopt to package with carton tray, pack steadily.
Remark: Minimum support package size: 200*150*100mm;
Maximum support package size: 420*300*330mm;


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