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JET Filling Machinery

Hello and welcome to Zhangjiagang Jieente Machinery Co., Ltd. (or JET Filling for short. JET FILLING is our brand name. ) Located in Suzhou (Jiangsu Province), neighboring Shanghai, China, JET Filling designs, manufactures, services and supports a complete line of machinery for water filling and liquid bottling.

Chairman's introduction

The founder of JET Filling, Eng. Huang recalled saying “I grew up in a factory and I was interested in studying machines and the production process since I was young, and after I entered college, I took engineering as my major.” Eng. Huang started his professional mechanical study in his college and, after graduation, he became a qualified technician in a state-owned factory. In 1994, he had become the chief engineer. Within a few years, Eng. Huang trained a professional team and started his factory. With over 25 years of combined experience in the machinery industry as well as in project management.

Factory Workshop


JET machinery supplies glass/plastic/can bottle complete line.From beginning to the end,we design by customer request.When the customer receive the machine,they only need connecting electricity then machine can work.

JET machinery care more about the details control.We seriously treat every part of every device,Even each screw is loose or tight,Ensure that the equipment does not cause problems during use

JET Machinery’s products are widely applied in plastic bottle, glass bottle and can washing, filling, capping (3 in 1).

JET can supply customer different kinds of capacity: 2000bph/2000-3000bph/4000-5000bph/7000-8000bph/9000-11000 even more.

Before the delivery,JET machinery will test every machine over and over until there is no problem with the machine,because we understand that It will be very trouble for customer if failure occurs locally.

Our Honor
Equipment Details

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JET machinery has built a good brand in china .At the same time,We have successful long - term cooperation with customers in many countries.

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